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Mysticism and Christianity

Over last 50 years the New Age and Eastern religious had a
tremendous impact on the traditional Christian church, so much so
that we have adopted many of their practices into our Christian 
community. It has become so common that it infiltrated business
family living and churches.

Mysticism and Christianity

It is wide spread into our culture, business and daily living, first unnoticed and slow, now at lightening speed all over the world, working towards unification of all religions and beliefs, without Christ as the only way to the Father, salvation and eternal life. Much more can be found on the page Movies & E-books to see how far actualy mysticism has infiltrated our way of life and our thinking.


  • Connecting other movements and religions to modern Christianity
  • Looking for signs of deception
  • Comparing false Christian beliefs with reality and biblical faith.
  • Exposing the truth behind the modern prayer and guiding practices.
  • Giving information about the ins and outs of the popular Alpha Course.
  • About the Emergent deception
  • About Contemplative Christianity
  • About the "New World Order"
  • About true bible prophesy, and projecting it on today.

Ministry of Hope
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