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The Great dream and Apostacy Written by another Christian, the book characterizes the great and final Apostasy of Christendom in the last days
Reinventing Jesus christ Following signs and wonders, he jumped through Spiritual hoops, with almost flawless precision, author Warren Smith
New Age sprirituality in church There are two movements advancing at lightening speed in the body of Christ, both movements are extremely seductive
Strange Fire in the Church The burning passion of Travers heart was to give a clarion call to the church that he saw falling in line with Gnosticism.
The Ark of Oneness The new world is emerging and stands against all truth and Jesus Christ, it's rise is about to come with deception and lies
In the name of Purpose The Paradigm shift a new way of thinking about God, a tidal wave sweeping through Christianity leaving destruction behind.
The Ark of Oneness Just a moment in history, a confluence was beginning which was to have massive repercussions throughout evangelicalism
War on the Saints Some individuals have been raised up by God to make significant inroads into the Devils territory, as is Jessie Penn-Lewis
God's Promises Here it is! "God's contract with His Children". God really delivers from destruction if we believe His Word.

God's Answers For Your Life

God's Answers For Your Life is a great help to discover various truth's about the Christian Life and the Christian walk,
mysticism2009 In 2009 we witnessed a tremendous growth in the Contemplative "New Age" sprituality in the Christian Church.
Christian Dominionism Dominion-ism embedded in the strata of doctrines. Whenever in the open it has given rise to horrible abuses done in the name of Christ.
In 2010 we witnessed a continued shift to contemplative Spirituality and a deepening of the Emergent church

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