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On this page you will find information about prominent ministers
about their personal lives and their ministry, the course of the
their general teaching and the involvement with other ministries
and ministers, such as conferences and endorsing certain books
that represent other ministries and more. Know what you believe.!!

Know what you believe and whom you believe in, and which ministry you follow


Today so many preachers and ministries : claiming constant new truth's about the Christian life and Christian beliefs, "new revelation" often times overturns our biblical view of how the Christian life should be lived and what to believe about God and about Jesus Christ, about repentance and the sin problem.

Even so we are confronted with a "New Gospel "and a "New Jesus", Therefore this labor of love is there to help and keep you on the narrow road of biblical truth.


  • Information about prominent ministers, with a lot of listeners and followers,
  • Some have a tremendous influence on today's churches and ministers.
  • Some movements have their roots in the New Age and eastern religions, blending their ways and practices with Christianity, resulting in "Popular Christianity"
  • Many of these   influences are leading to apostasy and away from Christ.
  • It is nor easy recognized, therefore this page and links for your information.
  • Several books have been posted on this website to help understand the church in large, and how it moves today.
  • Another way to learn about apostasy is to see the resemblance between other so called Christian faiths religions and movements, go to the page about mysticism

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God Bless !!

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