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No one can live without hope, that is what this ministry is all about

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Movements and Ministries, Faith - Healing, Prosperity - Teaching
Contemplative Christianity, Emergent Church movements and
inspirational articles on Christian living, Truth about the gospel of
Faith, the gospel of Works and the Ten Commandments and more.

The Lion's Share...



Why the Chastising, the purging and cleansing you may ask, Well these are the things that people dislike, and many churches and popular TV ministries have told us that God is love and therefore we don't have to suffer anything, but God is using these things to make His Children holier, purer, and cleaner, to develop true faith in the believer and to mold and shape him or her into the likeness of the only sinless person ever been born, and His name is Jesus, it is God's example of how He wants his children to be like. (Revelation 3:19)

Since many "new gospels "have entered the Christian community, (only pleasing to the tickling ear), we found it necessary to keep these valuable truth alive amidst al the misleading gospels of our day  and to lead people back to the bible and on the narrow road that leads to freedom, peace, free from fear and to eternal life with Him.


Our hope is an anchor for the soul

We cannot live without hope, faith is the under laying steady assurance on which hope is build, Faith will bring fort hope and both are important and necessary. But we have to keep in the right order, they are designed to function in a right relationship with each other. It is just impossible to survive without hope.


Hope A Sure Anchor


Our website Features:

  • Many links to trusted websites.
  • Information about prominent teachers and ministries.
  • Information about Emergent Church movement.
  • Information about contemplative Christianity.
  • Teaching about faith and Christian living.
  • Encouraging Sermons when going through difficult times.
  • About the Lord Jesus as the center of all things.
  • About salvation, and eternal life
  • About many pitfalls and roadblocks.
  • About God's eternal love and never failing love for His children
  • About the nature of God, who still punishes, chastises, and purifies.
  • About the sovereignty of God, holiness of God and His righteousness.
  • About the only way to a secure and eternal home.


Important Note:

We don't claim to have all the wisdom and truth, that would be unwise and arrogant, but we search the scriptures to seek and find the truth, Also I often compare today's teaching and preaching to 40 or 50 years ago and see what we have lost or gained down the road to apostasy or revival. My popular teachers and preachers are, 1) E.W. Tozer. Vernon Mc Gee, Dr Charles Stanley.

For information I get a lot of help and information from specific ministries dealing with apostasy and new movements, on the page churches and leadership you can find all the tools to find information about Christianity today. Also we have 10 E-Books on the website posted, all dealing with deception and lost treasurers from the Bible.



God Bless!!
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